1. When was Dalata Hotel Group p.l.c. incorporated?

Dalata Hotel Group Public Limited Company was incorporated on the 4th of November 2013

2. What was the date of Dalata’s initial public offering (IPO)?

On the 19th of March 2014

3. On what exchanges does Dalata trade on?

Dalata is listed on the Main Market of the Euronext Dublin and the London Stock Exchange.

4. What are Dalata’s ticker symbols?


5. What is the security identifier for Dalata Hotel Group plc?


6. Where is the registered office for Dalata?

4th Floor
Burton Court
Burton Hall Drive
Dublin 18

7. Who are the Directors of Dalata Hotel Group plc?

To view the profiles of each member of our Board of Directors please click here.

8. How many hotels does Dalata currently operate?


9. How can I find out more about the hotels that Dalata operate?

You can find out more about ‘Our Hotels’ here

10. What is Dalata’s fiscal year?

01 January – 31 December

11. How do I obtain a copy of the financial statements?

Please refer to our ‘Reports, Results & Presentations’ section here

12. Who is Dalata’s registrar?

Computershare Investor Services (Ireland) Limited
Heron House
Corrig Road
Sandyford Industrial Estate
Dublin 18

13. Who are the significant shareholders in the company?

Please view list of the significant Shareholders here

14. When is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) being held?

You will find the date of the AGM in the Investors section.

15. Do you have any additional questions that have not been answered?

Please contact us at investorrelations@dalatahotelgroup.com with any further question you may have.

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