Dalata believes you need more than an ESG strategy to have significant and sustainable impact. Instead, we have a business strategy, purpose built to be economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. We believe that doing the right thing needs to be baked into every facet of our business, not just an addendum or an afterthought.
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Sustainable Business Framework

Our drive for more integrated sustainability decision-making is supported by steering groups set up at all levels – from the boardroom to the hotel floor – supported by external expert advice. Our Sustainable Business Framework helps us focus on the right priorities to ensure sustainable management is deeply embedded in our business.

Our sustainable business management framework is dynamic and reflects our environmental and social priorities in relation to each of our stakeholders.

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Dalata For People

At Dalata, our ambition is to be as welcoming and rewarding to our staff as we are to our guests. Our people drive our success, reflect our culture, and create our customer experience. Our employees are given opportunities to learn and grow further throughout their careers. With all our new hotels, and extensions to existing hotels currently under construction, there are real career development and promotion opportunities on offer. We take care of our people at Dalata and take health and wellbeing very seriously.

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Dalata for the Planet

Living Green is our environmental movement which inspires care for our planet as a way of life throughout our hotels; for our people, our guests, and our society. Across the Group, we question and consider the impact of our day-to-day business decisions on the environment and our sustainability goals. These concerns are not the sole responsibility of dedicated committees and forums. They are issues for everyone to contribute positively towards.

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Dalata For Society

Dalata aims to be a responsible business that takes an active role in the communities in which it operates, promoting sustainable values and a commitment to people. We conduct and act on research to discover what people value the most from their hotel experience. We work with employment support organisations in local communities.