Our Strategy
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Empowering our people

Our business model seeks to empower our people at all levels. Hotel General Managers, supported by their teams, are given full decision-making authority responsibility and accountability for their properties. At the centre we also seek to empower our people by communicating what is expected of them and letting them get on with it.

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Growth Drivers

Ours is a culture of integrity, fairness and inclusion. We’re a company where people can flourish and have the opportunity to develop their talents, be recognised and rewarded and pursue a fulfilling career. We strive for success, are enthusiastic about what we do, and take responsibility for doing things right.

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Our Culture

Dalata has an open, inclusive, ambitious and agile culture that places people at the heart of what we do, whether that is employees, guests, suppliers or our local communities.

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Our People

Our people are a fundamental element in Dalata’s strategy and a key asset in the continuing success of the group.

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Customer Focus

Delivering excellence in customer service, creating positive guest experiences and continuing to develop our brands as the leading hotel operator in Ireland with a growing presence in the UK and Europe.

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Innovation is a driver of strategic growth for Dalata. Underpinned by senior management incentives we are finding new and better ways of delivering our services to our customers and guests.

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A responsible governance framework is designed to safeguard long term shareholder value and ensure the group contributes to broader society while protecting the environment.

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Financial Discipline

Pursuing our strategic objectives requires us to maintain relatively low levels of financial risk in the group.