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Dalata Hotel Group is Ireland’s largest hotel group. We’re excited to be rapidly growing in the UK and have recently expanded into Continental Europe. We have a large portfolio of wonderful hotels in over 17 cities, making Dalata Hotel Group your ideal choice for your next role in hospitality. At Dalata, our ambition is to be as welcoming and rewarding to our staff as we are to our guests.


We develop and grow our talent.


We take care of people like nobody else in our industry.

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We put people first through inclusion, diversity, and innovation.


We have a decentralised model that empowers, at scale.


Working at Dalata

We’re as welcoming and rewarding to our staff as we are to our guests

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Our Culture & Values

Ours is a culture of integrity, fairness, and inclusion where people can flourish and have the opportunity to develop their talents, be recognised and rewarded and pursue a fulfilling career. We strive for success, are enthusiastic about what we do, and take responsibility for doing things right.

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Develop with Dalata

Growing our people and developing their careers is incredibly important to us, making it one of our highest priorities. We have lots of excellent internal development programmes that make sure our employees get the learning they need to be able to take the next step in their careers.

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Inclusion and Diversity

Dalata embraces diversity at all levels. As a proud member of Valuable 500, Dalata is committed to putting disability on the Board’s agenda. In addition, Dalata recently received the Investors in Diversity Silver Award after an external audit found employees feel valued and respected in their roles. 

We recently reached gender balance on the Board, and in fact, currently the majority of Board members are female. This, along with the launch of a new group-wide I&D policy and training programme, signals our commitment to lead on diversity and inclusion. Further information can be found in our Diversity & Inclusion policy. 

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Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Caring for our people’s wellbeing is at the forefront of our agenda as a company, and this was demonstrated in 2022 with the appointment of the role of Group Engagement & Wellbeing Manager.

We are committed to supporting our people’s efforts to lead healthier, more active lives.

We’ve increased our focus on good mental health in the workplace since 2022 and continue to provide Mental Health First Aid Training for our managers.

Telus Employee Assistance Programme is a wellbeing solution that provides resources, support and advice across a range of topics such as family, health, money and work. We will continue to encourage members of our team who may be struggling to access Telus.

Employee Stories

We want our staff to be proud to work in Dalata.  Our fantastic team share our passion for excellence in service, and dedication to the customer. In return, we offer a great place to work and development opportunities.

The Nicola Difference
The Huey Difference
The Sigita Difference
The Fiona Difference
The Doireann Difference
The Manei Difference
The Sinead Difference
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