Dalata for Tour Operators
Discover the simplest way to make every stop a special one. Dalata combines extensive experience of working alongside tour operators with exceptional standards of quality and service across all our hotels.
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Taking Care Of Tours
Trust our team, proven over 35 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and here to help.
Enjoy the convenience of a central group leisure bookings service for all our hotels across Ireland, UK & Germany, serving ad-hoc groups, series, and lunch stops.
Book with confidence knowing that we are proud members of ITOA, ETOA, UK Inbound and CTA.
Customer service
We especially pride ourselves in the partnerships and relationships that we have built over the years and are renowned for our customer service and attention to detail.
Efficient quotes
Move faster with speedy quote turnaround within approximately 3 hours, having checked all hotels in the location you need.
Sustainable Tourism
Go greener with 48 gold sustainable travel awards across our hotels. We are also the current winners of the UK Inbound “Sustainable Tourism Provider of the Year”.
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Group Bookings
Central Bookings Team
Ad-hoc leisure group bookings & lunch stops
Valerie Wilgar
For series and FIT contracting