Dalata Academy
The learning and development of our employees is critically important for us, and we have many great examples of those who have built their career using the opportunities to develop via Dalata Academy.
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How Dalata Academy supports career development

Structured development programmes are essential to helping you be the best you can be and we have lots on offer.

We have some programmes which are accredited and allow you to gain a qualification while in work.

Calendar Connect is our quarterly training calendar, a catalogue of virtual and face-to-face courses available to aid your development plan, which you can book online.

We currently have 15 different and unique development programmes, which you can apply to join across all parts of the business.

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Graduate Programme

The Dalata Graduate Programme is well known for its fast progression, genuine opportunity, and excellent training. With 7 streams there are great opportunities to that first step in your career with us.

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Hotel Operations

18 month programme

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18 month programme

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Hotel Events

18 month programme

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Hotel Finance

18 month programme

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18 month programme in our central marketing department

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Corporate Sales

12 month programme

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Human Resources

18 month programme

Other Development Programmes
Calendar Connect. This programme offers a quarterly calendar of in-person and virtual courses that are open to all team members looking to enhance their skills, including statutory qualifications such as First Aider, Manual Handler and DSE certification. We also offer a range of bite-size virtual personal development sessions for team members and management supporting them in updating or refreshing their skills.
Set your sights on a management career in hospitality? This programme is purpose built for school, college, and university placements so you get the best start.
If you’re a supervisor or assistant manager looking to finesse your skills and prepare you for the next step on the career ladder, our Navigate programme is perfect.
Head Chef
Ready for the top job? We’ll spend 9 months giving you all the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the role.
Senior managers in HR, Revenue, Sales, and Finance will benefit from Accelerate, a 14-month programme focusing on personal leadership, leading with impact, strategic leadership and thinking, professional branding, influence and communications, and leading high-performance teams. The delegates will complete an ECR360 assessment, will have lots of guest speakers and panels and the aim is to deliver collaborative group projects at the end.
Deputy General Managers have a lot of responsibility. Luckily the 12-month Altitude programme is the perfect way to ensure you’re ready to make the role your own.
Chef Apprenticeship
Start your journey to becoming a professional chef, learning all you need to be successful in any kitchen throughout Ireland and the UK.
Designed with junior team members in mind, this programme will nurture your emerging skills and get you ready for your next step.
Trainee managers will find themselves fully informed and supported, the perfect preparation for the big leap into your first management role. The trainee Manager will also complete the Navigate Development programme during the 18 months providing them with self-awareness and personal development growth.
Heads of department will find all the professional training and personal development they need to succeed in our 12-month Elevate programme.
Specialist managers in HR, Revenue, Sales, and Finance will get huge value from Activate, a 14-month development programme with a focus on self-awareness, time management, delegation, management communication, coaching, and high-performance teams. The programme has been created to drive an increased culture of learning amongst senior management in our hotels.
Our Senior Management and leadership programme is a masterclass in what it is to be an outstanding general manager.
Development Programmes
Hotel & Central
Gain further qualifications and prepare yourself for management responsibilities, with the full support of our bespoke programme for finance professionals.
Our Revenue programme is a comprehensive three tier offering tailored to your current level of experience and designed to enhance your career development opportunities in the revenue department.
Our HR programme is a comprehensive three tier offering tailored to your current level of experience and designed to enhance your career development opportunities in HR.
Our Sales programme is a comprehensive three tier offering tailored to your current level of experience and designed to enhance your career development opportunities in the sales function.
Development Programmes
Central Office
Our Aspire programme is aimed at our Senior Leaders in Central Office to support their development, especially in the areas of strategy and leadership.
Our Management Development Programme is aimed at our People Managers in Central Office to support their next steps in their career and to ensure they develop their leadership and management skills.